Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Order Common Release Notes


  • Version 2.0.1-GA includes all changes up to 1.5.8-GA

  • The 2.x versions are Spring Boot 3 compatible.


Spring Boot Upgrade

  • As of Broadleaf Release Train 2.0.0-GA, all common libraries have been upgraded to Spring Boot 3.

  • This version includes all changes up to 1.5.7-GA


  • Add bandFields to the PricedFulfillmentOption


  • Updates to the Voucher DTO:

    • Deprecate the offerId field in favor of the new offerRef field.

    • Introduce the codeUsed field.


  • Notes

    • JDK 11 is required for Broadleaf release trains 1.7.0-GA, and beyond.

    • JDK 17 is supported for Broadleaf release trains 1.8.1-GA, and beyond.

  • Updates to support FulfillmentServices:

    • Add additional values to FulfillmentType enum

    • Add serviceLevel`to `Adjustment

    • Add PricedFulfillmentOption


  • Add support for the adjustment quantity for the line items.

    • This will ensure that the refund amount for order item promotions will be calculated and distributed correctly.


  • Add attributes to voucher domain to ease extensibility

  • Add item proration details to the item adjustment

Release Train Compatibility

Compatible with all Release Trains after 1.7 unless otherwise noted.