Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Translation Common Release Notes


  • Added support for configuring the chunk size when fetching entity translations by entityType and list of entityIds. This can be configured via the following property:

                chunk-size: 500


Spring Boot Upgrade

  • As of Broadleaf Release Train 2.0.0-GA, all common libraries have been upgraded to Spring Boot 3.

  • This version includes all changes up to 1.7.3-GA


  • Added support to get a count of non-production translations matching entity and tenant

    • This is useful to determine if there are outstanding sandbox changes before an entity can be deleted. For example, this is used for checking if any outstanding sandbox changes exist for Product translations before the Product can be deleted.


  • Made Translation implement ChangeContainerOverridable

    • This is to support grouping imported changes together such as when importing a Product with translations. This allows all the related changes to a product to be promoted and deployed together if the import was done inside a sandbox.

Release Train Compatibility

Compatible with all Release Trains after 1.7 unless otherwise noted.