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Auth JS SDK Release Notes for 1.5.7

Table of Contents

Features & Enhancements

  • Support fetching user operations with an access token

    This feature requires the latest AuthenticationServices version from release train 1.8.7+ or 2.0.1+.
    • Update AuthClient to accept a new fetchUserOperationsWithAccessToken boolean in its AuthClientOptions. If set, user operations will be fetched from the new /user-operations/resource endpoint with bearer token authorization. If unset, the legacy behavior of fetching from /user-operations with a standard session cookie is used.

    • Update AuthProviderProps to include fetchUserOperationsWithAccessToken boolean setting

  • Access token requests now supply request parameters via form data rather than in the query string.

    This change is equally compatible with older, current, and future versions of AuthenticationServices. Clients are recommended to adopt this update now for forward-compatibility with future AuthenticationServices releases.