Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Customer Services Data Model


The following data shows the key tables and persisted JSON structures used by the Customer Service.

Customer Data Model

Customer Data Model


Representation of a customer for the system. Customers have various identifying properties such as email, name(s), username, and contact information.

Customer Note

The system has the ability to keep track of auditable notes that may apply to a customer account which can be useful for customer service or internal admin related purposes.

Payment Account

Representation of a saved payment for a particular customer. This domain also contains gateway-specific information needed to perform future transactions.

This representation is deprecated since 1.7.2, in favor of SavedPaymentMethod in PaymentTransactionServices. See Saved Payment Method Management Docs for more details.

Address Data Model

Address Data Model


Representation of an address that can be tied to a Customer or an Account

Segment Data Model

Segment Data Model

Customer Segment

Domain that provides the ability to support fixed and dynamic customer segments. Segments enables the ability to create rule or list based groups of Customers that can be targeted for Offers, PriceLists, or ContentTargeters. This allows you to create and advertise promotions or pricing that targets a precise subset of your customer base.

Account Data Model

Account Data Model


Represents an organization or group of customers typically used in a B2B context.

Account Member

Represents a member of an Account. An Account Member is created when a user is invited to an Account when a Customer may not yet have been created. Once a user registers as a Customer the Account Member entity will be updated to reference that Customer entity.

Account Role

Represents a role within an Account. These are synced to Auth by default so that the auth token can be augmented with additional claims.

Account Permission

Represents special permissions associated with Accounts. These are synced to Auth by default so that the auth token can be augmented with additional claims.

Account Role Account Permission Xref

Links a Role and its Permissions