Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

ScheduledJob Service Configuration


There are various properties you can configure when utilizing Broadleaf’s ScheduledJob Service.

Cluster Properties

Properties related to the singleton (or "active-passive") cluster configuration.

Property Description

Whether singleton clustering behavior is enabled. Default is true.


The namespace used for the Apache Camel cluster. Default is "lock".


The Apache Camel URI used to register a consumer on the master endpoint. Default is "master:lock1".


The polling interval that determines how often the Apache Camel Timer endpoint should fire the event that will cause the SchedulerService to scan the datastore and create/update Quartz jobs for each persisted ScheduledJob. Default is 30 seconds.


The amount of time that must pass before the system will attempt to pick up and trigger a single use job that has exceeded its target date without being marked as executed. This can occur if a job is scheduled, but no scheduling instance was up or available at the moment targeted for execution. Default is 60 seconds.

Data Properties

Properties related to JPA and persistence configuration.

Property Description


JPA Configuration Properties. See for full list of options.


Datasource Configuration Properties. See org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.jdbc.DataSourceProperties for full list of options.


Liquibase Configuration Properties. See org.springframework.boot.autoconfigure.liquibase.LiquibaseProperties for full list of options.


Delegating Schema Configuration Properties for running in a composed mode along side other Broadleaf microservices. See for full list of options.

Message Notification Properties

Properties related to async messaging.

Durable Messaging for Triggered Job Events

Property Description


Properties for DefaultNotificationHandler. See com.broadleafcommerce.common.messaging.notification.NotificationProperties for full list of options.


Properties for RetryHandler for durable message retry. See com.broadleafcommerce.common.messaging.notification.RetryProperties for full list of options.