Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Scheduled Job Release Notes for 1.7.0-GA


  • JDK 11 is now required for Broadleaf release trains 1.7.0-GA, and beyond.

New Features & Notable Changes

  • Added scheduled job to mark stale payment transactions for reversal

    • This can happen if there are multiple payments on the cart and some of them are declined. Then, the customer steps away and doesn’t return to fix the declined payments. This job will kick off a process to reverse the authorizations or make refunds as appropriate for the non-declined payments.

  • Added ability to trigger a ScheduledJob manually from the Admin UI

    • Uses ScheduledJobEndpoint#executeScheduledJob: POST /api/scheduledjob/scheduled-jobs/{id}/execute

  • Added tenantId and lastExecuted to ScheduledJobRef, which Spring Cloud Message listeners use to handle triggered jobs

  • In support of the previous, added previousLastExecuted to ScheduledJob domain.

    • A ScheduledJobRef is sent to external services to trigger jobs after the last executed date is updated to now. Therefore, we actually need to store the previous lastExecuted time before we change it. This is for triggered-job handlers that want to use the lastExecuted time as a boundary when fetching entities from the datastore.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Possible NPE when deserializing a ScheduledJob from the DB because the details list was not initialized

  • Fixed: Scheduled Jobs running for all tenants instead of only the one they belong to.

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