Broadleaf Microservices
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In this section of the documentation we look at the menu functionality exposed by the CommerceSDK. This is mostly concerned with retrieving Menus and Menu Hierarchies. It also provides methods for performing various menu related actions.

Table of Contents

Setup the client

Before you can make a request using the MenuClient, you’ll need to import the client and create a new instance. An example of this setup is as follows:

Example of creating a MenuClient instance
import { MenuClient } from '@broadleaf/commerce-menu';


export const menuClient = new MenuClient({
  applicationToken: APPLICATION_TOKEN,
  baseHost: BASE_HOST
  1. This is the unique "Application Token" for your store. You can find this by logging into your instance and looking at the application’s properties page.

  2. This is the base URL for your application (i.e.