Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Commerce SDK Release Notes for 1.4.0


Introduced PaymentClient in @broadleaf/commerce-cart

This new client can be used to interact with the PaymentTransactionService endpoints for managing cart and order payments. With the introduction of this new service, payments no longer live on Carts and Orders but are managed separately in a centralized location.

  • Methods:

    • fetchAllPaymentsForOwner: Fetches the page of PaymentSummary for the owner. The owner is usually a Cart and teh request would include the Cart ID to fetch payments for it.

    • createPayment

    • updatePayment

    • recordTransactionResultsForPayment: Records the transaction results for the payment.

Other Features

  • Added new fields to PaymentAccount

    • deactivated: Whether the account is not active. Can be used to filter out accounts that haven’t been completely activated or that are inactive instead of deleting.

    • displayAttributes: General use map to capture any display properties for this Payment.

  • Added fields for minimumThreshold and maximumThreshold to Product and Variant types to indicate quantity rules for add-to-cart

  • Added new fields to PaymentRequest:

    • displayAttributes: To be used instead of attributes to store display information for the card during checkout if name is insufficient.

    • paymentMethodProperties replaces paymentGatewayProperties

    • customerPaymentAccountId was made optional.

  • Added new fields to CheckoutResponse

    • payment3DSVerificationUrls: Payment 3DS Verification URLs used to determine payments which require 3DS verification during the checkout workflow.

    • paymentSummaries: An array of payment summaries for the cart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Typo in ItemListClient#listItemListItems retrieval URL