Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Import Services Configuration Properties

This document covers the miscellaneous configuration properties used by the Import Services.

Import Service Properties

  • broadleaf.import.service.offer-services-version: The offer version enabled for external service calls with ImportServices. This was added to allow the upgrade for PromotionServices 2.0.0-GA to be optional and maintained backwards compatibility with the prior version. If using PromotionServices 2.0.0-GA+, this property does not have to be supplied.

  • broadleaf.import.service.xss-validation.enabled: Indicates if XSS Validation is enabled for imports, see also broadleaf.xss.perform-validation for general XSS configuration.

    • Default is true.

Purge Import Properties

Properties used when purging imports via PurgeImportJobHandler.

  • broadleaf.dataimport.purge.num-days: The number of days beyond which to delete import data.

    • Default is 30.

  • broadleaf.dataimport.purge.import-batch-size: The number of imports per batch to delete BatchItemCompletion, Batch, and Import entities.

    • Default is 25.

  • broadleaf.dataimport.purge.item-completion-batch-size: The batch size for deleting BatchItemCompletion entities.

    • Default is 1000.

Excel Reader Properties

  • broadleaf.dataimport.excel.sheet-title: The sheet that contains the data to import from the uploaded Excel file.

    • Default is "data".

Data Import Processor Properties

The properties controlling the CSV import process.

  • broadleaf.dataimport.processor.batch-size: The amount of items that will be read from the file (excluding the header) before sending a message to process the batch.

    • Default is 100.

  • broadleaf.dataimport.processor.validation-failure-limit: When performing validation on an import, how many records can fail validation and be reported on before stopping the validation altogether.

    • Default is 50.

Import Metadata Properties

  • broadleaf.dataimport.metadata.enable-production-import: Whether or not to allow an admin user the option to skip sandboxing and import directly into a production context.

    • Default is true.

  • Whether or not to enable polling for updates when viewing active imports.

    • Default is true.

  • broadleaf.dataimport.metadata.inactive-import-polling-enabled`: Whether or not to enable polling for updates when viewing completed imports.

    • Default is true.