Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Broadleaf Menu Services


The Menu Service enables creation, management, and retrieval of well-defined hierarchical menu structures.


This service can be used anywhere there is a need to organize items into a hierarchical menu.

In the Heat Clinic demo site, there are several elements that could be implemented with this service:

Heat Clinic Main Menu
Heat Clinic Bottom Menu

For these menus, the domain would logically look something like this:

|_Home (menu item)
|_Hot Sauces (menu item)
|_Merchandise (menu item)
  |_Mens (menu item)
  |_Womens (menu item)
|_Clearance (menu item)
|_Gift Cards (menu item)

|_About Us (menu item)
|_Contact Us (menu item)
|_Privacy Policy (menu item)

Once defined, these menus can be retrieved with their hierarchies by name (ex: HEAT_CLINIC_MAIN_HEADER_MENU).