Broadleaf Microservices
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Broadleaf Notification Services

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The Notification Service supports sending emails and texts (SMS) via the sendNotification API endpoint or in response to messages posted on Kafka, Google Pub-Sub, or other messaging channel.

The sequence diagram below shows the key components involved in sending a message. The NotificationService takes the passed in Notification and finds an appropriate NotificationHandler to process it. Typically implementations will have a handler for sending emails and another for sending SMS messages.

The handler is responsible for building the contents of the message and calling a sender component to deliver the message.

Send Notification Sequence Diagram

Each of the key components is described in more detail in Key Components.

See the Data Model for information on the key domain classes used by the notification service.

Several Example Configurations are provided including Amazon SES, SendGrid, Twilio, and Gmail.


The NotificationService can be used to send templated emails. Several example templates are provided with the service including templates for order confirmation messages and reset password notifications. The templates for each of these can be found at "/templates/email/". See Building Templated Emails for more information.