Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Pricing Release Notes for 1.7.14-GA

The 2.x versions are Spring Boot 3 compatible.


  • JDK 11 is required for Broadleaf release trains 1.7.0-GA, and beyond.

  • JDK 17 is supported for Broadleaf release trains 1.8.1-GA, and beyond.

New Features & Notable Changes

  • Added support for vendor-discriminated priceable targets to fall back to non-vendor price data with matching sku when retrieving price infos

    • For non-vendor targets, the exact match of SKU and null vendorRef is still required. Even if there’s a price data with the matching SKU but has a vendorRef, it will not be used

    • For vendor targets, when the exact match of SKU and vendorRef is not found, it falls back to a price data that has a matching SKU and null vendorRef. If both exist, the exact match of SKU and vendorRef takes precedence

  • Added support to populate where a price is coming from within a PriceList (e.g. price data vs. formula)

  • Performance improvement on PriceData export

    • When exporting a large amount of PriceData could take longer than 5 minutes, which is the default threshold of an export being considered "hanging" and set to an error state.

    • Performance was improved by not using the SQL offset along with a compound index with priceListId, id, to take only ~24 seconds when exporting 100k PriceData from one PriceList while having 1 million PriceData in a different PriceList, which took ~2 minutes and 50 seconds prior the fix in a local environment

  • Fixed a bug where the Price and Vendor filters for PriceData did not work in PriceList management view in the admin.