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Cart Operations Customer Segment Provider

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Since Cart Ops 1.8.13, Release Train 1.8.6


A Provider for interfacing with a persistence provider for operations directly involving the CustomerSegment domain. This provider is included through the Customer Client, which handles commonly reused components across different services.

This provider is used by the CustomerSegmentContextInfoCustomizer to hydrate customer segment IDs matching the current user and context onto the ContextInfo for incoming requests. More info is available in the Customer Client.


The provider can be configured with the following properties

      # Base url of the customer service. This should be changed in different flexpackage configurations.
      url: https://localhost:8463/customer
      # Endpoint used to read all customer segments. In practice, this is used with a filter to select only dynamic segments.
      read-customer-segments-path: /segments
      # Endpoint used to defer evaluation of customer segments against the current user and context to the Customer Service.
      # This is typically not used since it is more expensive than evaluating rules in the calling service instead.
      resolve-customer-segments-path: /segment-resolver
      # The id of the Authorized Client for the service using the provider, in this case Cart Ops' id.
      service-client: cartopsclient


This feature can be disabled by setting, or if Browse and Cart Ops are in the same flexpackage: