Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Commerce Next.js Starter Release Notes for 1.5.0

Features & Enhancements

Entity Browse Resolution

As of this release, product and category pages are no longer prefixed by /details and /browse. Instead, these pages make use of the new resolveBrowseEntity function from the @broadleaf/commerce-browse SDK. See its usage in the /pages/[…​url].tsx file.

This release also makes use of the new ContentServices API instead of the PersonalizationServices API when retrieving content items.

Business Account Support

This release includes support for Account owned orders, payments, and addresses. As part of this is a cart approval workflow to allow an account admin to review and approve or reject carts before adding payment and submitting.

  • Added an account selector to determine which account context to shop in, or to shop as a regular customer

  • Checkout will fetch Account addresses and payments instead of Customer ones if in an account context

  • My Account has new sections

    • My Carts: Personal carts.

      • Displays all named IN_PROCESS carts

      • Displays all carts submitted for approval

      • Displays all rejected carts

      • Allows activating a cart or making it the default (IN_PROCESS and un-named)

    • Account Order History

    • Account Users

      • Only visible to account admins

      • Allows managing all account members and invites

    • Address and Payment sections now dynamically pick between showing customer or account payments depending on if the user is in an account context vs personal.

      • Account Addresses and Payments also have a form field to select whether sub-accounts can view them and use them in checkout.

Ratings and Reviews

Added support for showing and submitting ratings (stars) and reviews for products. My Account has a new section to manage personal ratings and reviews.

Reviews are subject to review in the Admin UI before they are visible on the storefront


This release includes added support for a special ItemList called "Wishlist".

  • Product pages now have an add-to-wishlist icon next to the add-to-cart button.

  • A new my account section has been added to manage your Wishlist

Recently Viewed

This release includes support for tracking recently viewed products. For logged-in customers, this will be persisted to an ItemList. For guests, the list is stored in the browser’s cache. In both cases, we are storing the IDs of the products rather than the entire product.

There are also properties to control how many items to store in cache and how often to persist views. By default, views are only persisted for logged-in customer periodically to avoid heavy load on the backend.

The persistence logic is a frontend only concern and may be implemented in other ways as desired.

Relative Asset Paths

We’ve added support for resolving relative Asset paths from the Asset Service. Before they always had to be absolute.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed access tokens not being passed in some search requests