Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Commerce Next.js Starter Release Notes for 1.5.1

Features & Enhancements

  • Improved the Stripe’s saved payment method UI

  • Added fees total as part of the order details

  • Added ability to remove payment methods

  • Redesigned type-ahead search into a dropdown

  • Added timeout before re-submitting cart after a 3DS verification failure

  • Added support for Content Display Rules and Zones

  • Improved account components UX

    • Improved cart approval page and mobile view

    • Added error handling for when a customer is already a member

  • Added logic to reprice the cart after the payment is created/updated

  • Introduced support for bulk ordering variant-based products

  • Refactored ratings and reviews by componentizing them better

  • Improved Express PayPal checkout flow

  • Introduced support for embedded login


  • Improved CollectOnDelivery UI

  • Added the ability for the marketing messages component to provide a list of target ids to look for

  • Added ApplePay integration with

  • Added support to show cart alerts

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where the frontend incorrectly shows prices for all options based on what is chosen

  • Account related fixes:

    • Fixed error when endpoint to add account member returns empty

    • Fixed issue where available "submitter" filter options are removed as soon as one of the submitter is selected

    • Fixed issue where another "Member" role is added each time the account invite modal is opened

    • Fixed cart rejection message not displayed from the cart details view

    • Fixed cart approval browse view doesn’t include fulfillment or tax totals

  • Fixed checkbox selection for item choices

  • Fixed issue with Store Credit payment amount below a cent

  • Fixed not displaying non-COD add-to-cart errors

  • Fixed 404 error from applying search filters

  • Fixed order history page error when unable to read account members

  • Fixed z-index of the preview banner