Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Commerce Next.js Starter Release Notes for 1.6.1

Features & Enhancements

  • Includes changes in 1.5.8.

Introduced Quote Functionality

We’ve introduced functionality to support requesting and publishing negotiated quotes. This impacts several services besides this starter. You can view more information about the feature in general using the following documents:

To enable quote functionality on the frontend, set broadleaf.quote.enabled=true for Cart Ops and NEXT_PUBLIC_QUOTE_ENABLED=true for the Starter.

Introduction of `@broadleaf/commerce-quote-react

A new component library called @broadleaf/commerce-quote-react that contains components, hooks, and utils needed to render quote information in My Account has been introduced. This is the first step into making the Starter project more modular and composable. This new library provides a few primary components that can be dropped in and represent entire pages along with exposing the various sub-components to allow users to easily customize their views using some premade components. There is also a Component Registry concept similar to the Admin where individual sub-components like buttons and links can be overridden easily.

Introduction of Catalog Access Policies

Introduced a BrowseEntityResolver used to fetch browse entities on the client-side. * This is necessary because CatalogAccessPolicies always restrict the retrieval of an entity when it is being fetched from the server-side, because we don’t have a customerAccessToken. In this case, we will retry fetching the entity on the client-side, where we have access to a customerAccessToken to evaluate against the catalog access policy rules.

Other enhancements

  • Added the ability to edit store credit that has already been applied and to update the payment method (if existing) accordingly.

  • Added ability to edit store credit

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug when entering CSR mode because of attempt to fetch recently viewed list for customer

  • Fixed payment method not updating (if existing) to cover the remaining total when using Store Credit

  • Fixed not deleting existing payment method if Store Credit has been edited to cover the cart total

  • Fixed not passing Access Token when fetching Products on Category browse page