Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Commerce Next.js Starter Release Notes for 1.5.4

Features & Enhancements

  • Updated request to fetch content zones to include cart information.

    • Complements enhancement in ContentServices 1.0.9-GA to support content zone display rules that target the user’s cart.

  • Display additional voucher offer information in the checkout page when applied.

    • Complements enhancement in PromotionServices 2.0.5-GA to return offerRef and codeUsed response fields when performing requests to apply vouchers to cart.

  • Use the categoryProductMembershipFilters instead of ruleFilters to specify the category’s product membership filters for search requests.

  • Updated requests in checkout payment forms to create payment to use cart’s email as owningUserEmailAddress.

Bug fixes

  • Eliminated duplicate & empty offer marketing message requests for the home page, PDP, & PLP/category pages.

  • Fixed the Stripe express checkout integration

    • Fix updating of the fulfillment options if the address is changed

    • Introduce the useUpdateFulfillmentGroupAddress hook to update the fulfillment address in the fulfillment group

    • Update the stripe express checkout to use the new API from the fulfillment service to select the fulfillment address

    • Use the cancel token when fetching the fulfillment options to prevent an error when the component is unmounted

    • Fetch the fulfillment options only if the fulfillment group has an address

  • Fixed extra call to fetch recently viewed products if there are none—this was causing a 400 error since the list of ids was empty.

  • Fixed payment amount not accounting for comma decimal separator when parsing the formatted amount in handleFormatCurrency util.

    • This utility uses the JavaScript Intl.FormatNumber API to format an amount with the correct decimal places, but the API converts the number to a string which then needs to be converted back to store on the payment.

  • Rewrote recently viewed management logic to fix caching and render issues

    • Combines call to read recently viewed products and main product on PDP into one to reduce calls to pricing service

    • Made new useLogout hook to ensure that caches are cleared on logout

  • Fixed issue where the marketing message display in the cart page was not updating when cart subtotal falls in or out of the configured range.