Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Tenant Release Notes for 1.7.7-GA

Table of Contents

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue where MarketplaceApplicationCatalog update form metadata did not hydrate the catalog lookup

  • Fix issue where ApplicationPaths#APPLICATION constant had an extra slash in the path before the ID

General Changes

  • Improved management experience for marketplace catalogs in the admin

    • Add new hydratedCatalog field to MarketplaceApplicationCatalog

    • Introduce new single and bulk hydrate() methods to MarketplaceApplicationCatalogService

    • Add a new hydrateResponse boolean parameter to MarketplaceApplicationCatalogEndpoint.readAll() to toggle hydration of catalogs in responses

    • Update the following endpoints to hydrate responses:

      • MarketplaceApplicationCatalogEndpoint.create()

      • MarketplaceApplicationCatalogEndpoint.update()

      • MarketplaceApplicationCatalogEndpoint.replace()

      • ApplicationOwnedMarketplaceApplicationCatalogEndpoint.createMarketplaceApplicationCatalogForApp()

      • ApplicationOwnedMarketplaceApplicationCatalogEndpoint.replaceMarketplaceApplicationCatalogForApp()

    • Update MarketplaceApplicationCatalog browse grid metadata

      • The catalog column now shows the hydrated catalog name instead of the catalog ID

      • Columns can now be sorted

      • Filter builder now supports richer advanced filtration, including lookup-based filtration on catalog