Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Broadleaf Inventory Services


The Inventory Services allow for maintenance of Inventory Locations (e.g. Stores and Warehouses), as well as various stock/inventory counts.


The APIs provided by this service allow you to find inventory locations based on whether they support:

  • Shipping to a customer

  • Pickup by a customer

  • In-store shopping

They also provide the ability to find Inventory Locations within a given radius based on latitude and longitude as well as by state/province/region, postal code, and country code.

Additionally, the APIs allow for the maintenance of SKU Inventory records, which include stock/inventory counts.

These APIs provide a mechanism to find inventory availability based on a specific inventory location, or to search for availability based on other criteria such as ship-to address, or how the inventory is expected to be fulfilled (ship to customer, pickup in store, in-store shopping).

Finally, these APIs provide the ability to reserve inventory, thereby decrementing available inventory and incrementing reserved inventory. This also creates an Inventory Transaction record that references the customer’s Order details.

These services are designed specifically to facilitate inventory availability and adjustment for online shopping and for customer reference, and not currently expected to be used as a full-featured Warehouse Management System as it does not attempt to handle details of location within an Inventory Location.

Context Request

All resources must be invoked with an X-Context-Request header.

All endpoints are secured with JWT Bearer tokens that can be retrieved from a Broadleaf Authorization Server. The root permissions for Inventory Services are:

  • INVENTORY_LOCATION - Allows CRUD operations and maintenance of Inventory Locations.

  • INVENTORY - Allows CRUD operations and maintenance of Inventory records and counts.

  • INVENTORY_SUMMARY - Allows for customers or applications to check inventory availability for shopping purposes.

  • INVENTORY_RESERVATION - Allows for customers to applications to reserve inventory for a customer or order.

Inventory Services are Application discriminated, meaning that you must supply an application ID and a tenant ID in the ContextRequest.