Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Inventory Services Data Model

Table of Contents

Data Diagram

The Inventory Services data model is relatively simple. There are 3 relevant tables, illustrated by the graphic, below. The database tables are mapped to the following Java classes:


    • Maps to persistent domain: com.broadleafcommerce.inventory.provider.jpa.domain.JpaInventoryLocation

      • Maps to business (projection) domain: com.broadleafcommerce.inventory.domain.InventoryLocation


    • Maps to persistent domain: com.broadleafcommerce.inventory.provider.jpa.domain.JpaSkuInventory

      • Maps to business (projection) domain: com.broadleafcommerce.inventory.domain.SkuInventory


    • Maps to persistent domain: com.broadleafcommerce.inventory.provider.jpa.domain.JpaInventoryTransaction

      • Maps to business (projection) domain: com.broadleafcommerce.inventory.domain.InventoryTransaction

Inventory Services Data Model

Common Features

Inventory Services uses the following Common Data Features which create additional tables within the Menu Services data schema.

Application Trackable - Inventory Services data is application trackable to support the service running in a multi-tenant environment.