Broadleaf Microservices
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Amazon Payment Services API React SDK

This SDK provides additional hooks and utilities to be used with React on top of what’s provided by @broadleaf/amazon-payment-services-api.

You do not need to add both this SDK and @broadleaf/amazon-payment-services-api, just choose the more applicable one. Moreover you won’t need to add @broadleaf/payment-js or @broadleaf/payment-react as they are also included. However, this library depends on @broadleaf/commerce-cart, @broadleaf/commerce-core, and @broadleaf/commerce-customer, which do need to be included in your project directly.
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This library can be installed using Yarn or NPM:


yarn add @broadleaf/commerce-cart @broadleaf/commerce-core @broadleaf/commerce-customer @broadleaf/amazon-payment-services-react


npm install @broadleaf/commerce-cart @broadleaf/commerce-core @broadleaf/commerce-customer @broadleaf/amazon-payment-services-react