Broadleaf Microservices
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Payment React SDK

The Payment React SDK adds hooks for React apps on top of the utilities and types provided by @broadleaf/payment-js and the Commerce SDK. These hooks are intended to make building checkout and my-account pages faster and provide additional documentation through typing when making API requests for things like checkout submission, managing PaymentAccounts, saved CustomerAddresses, etc.

You do not need to add both this SDK and @broadleaf/payment-js as it is also included. However, this library depends on @broadleaf/commerce-cart, @broadleaf/commerce-core, and @broadleaf/commerce-customer, which do need to be included in your project directly.
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This library can be installed using Yarn or NPM:


yarn add @broadleaf/commerce-cart @broadleaf/commerce-core @broadleaf/commerce-customer @broadleaf/payment-react


npm install @broadleaf/commerce-cart @broadleaf/commerce-core @broadleaf/commerce-customer @broadleaf/payment-react