Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Payment JS SDK Release Notes for 1.2.3

Important Updates

  • Now supports Node 18. Node 14 has reached end-of-life and we recommend upgrading to Node 18 as soon as possible since Node 16 reaches end of life in September 2023.

    • Upgrading Node is not required to use this update.

Features & Enhancements

  • Added Braintree integration

    • @broadleaf/braintree-payment-services-api

    • @broadleaf/braintree-payment-services-react

  • Added owningUserName and owningUserEmailAddress as optional parameters for useSubmitPaymentRequest for CreatePaymentRequest

    • Note that if owningUserEmailAddress is not provided, AuthState#customerEmail would be used