Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for 1.5.2-GA


  • Upgraded the Stripe Java SDK version to 20.3.0.

  • Added support for declaring the SETUP_FUTURE_USAGE param when creating a saved payment method.

  • Added support for declaring the USAGE param when creating a SetupIntent.

  • Added support for recording the implied ReverseAuthorize transaction that Stripe automatically executes when a partial Capture is executed.

  • Improved support for Stripe’s fraud prevention mechanisms.

    • Improved ability to easily pass additional data points to Stripe’s fraud detection engine for Authorize and AuthorizeAndCapture transactions.

    • Improved our ability to communicate the fact that an Authorize or AuthorizeAndCapture transaction has been flagged for manual fraud review.

    • Added Stripe webhook mechanisms to understand & record the result of manual fraud reviews. This can include approval/rejection of the original transaction, and Capture and/or Refund transactions triggered from the Stripe dashboard.

  • Added properties to the PaymentResponse (manualReviewResult & manualReviewResultReason) to communicate the result of the manual fraud review.

  • Updated our default declaration of idempotency keys to be prepended with BLC-STRIPE-, so that we can easily identify transactions triggered from Broadleaf vs those triggered from the Stripe dashboard.

  • Updated building of PaymentResponse objects to use the Stripe request id for the PaymentResponse#gatewayTransactionId


  • Deprecated our integration with Stripe’s Charges API due to it not being SCA-ready, and therefore, high rates of declines are likely in EEA. Stripe documentation.