Broadleaf Microservices
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Product Business Types

Data Model

Product Business Types Data Model
Figure 1. Product Business Types and Related Entities Data Model

Product Business Types

Product types allow business users to define, customize and manage the types of products that are available in the catalog.


Field Description


Unique row ID


Logical ID. Allows for sandbox versions.


User defined name for the product type.


The actual key used to reference the product type.

For example, the value for type "Device" would be "device".


The user defined description for the product type.


The parent product type. This could be an out-of-the-box product type or a custom product type.


Whether this product type is a template. Templates are used as parent product types for new product types and are not intended to be used directly by a product.


An embedded map of all the field modifications for this product type.


An embedded map of all the custom fields for this product type.

Business Type Fields

Business type fields are used to define the fields that have been overridden or added to a product type. These fields store all relevant data needed by the metadata services to know how to render the admin forms as well as any custom validation added by the user. The fields stored are:

  • name - the name of the field

  • label - the label for the field in the admin

  • required - whether the field is required

  • readOnly - whether the field is read only

  • hidden - whether the field is hidden

  • defaultValue - the default value for the field

  • type - the type of the field (STRING, INTEGER, etc.)

  • classifier - the metadata classifier for the field, typically "FIELD"

  • validationSchema - the validation schema for the field containing the validation rules

  • targetKey - the key of the target entity for the field, if applicable. This is mostly used for custom fields defining their parent container.

  • order - the order of the field in the admin form

  • changeType - the type of change that was made to the field (PATCH, INSERT, REMOVED)

  • timestamp - the timestamp of when the change was made

  • attributes - a map of additional attributes for the field

Broadleaf Common Data Features

Product Business Types are Application Trackable.