Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for 1.7.0-GA

New Features & Notable Changes

Added support for Variant-based AdvancedTags

In the previous release, we introduced AdvancedTags for Products. This release extends that support to Variants.

  • We piggy-backed on the ProductTag domain to define the relationship between a Variant and an AdvancedTag.

  • Variant Tags can be managed from a Variant’s edit form.

  • Variant Tags are included in ProductDetails for commerce-facing PDP support.

Added support for Variant-based Add-On pricing overrides

We’ve introduced a new concept that allows users to define price-overrides for add-ons (SpecificItemChoices) based on the selected Variant. For example, consider an optional warranty for a phone that has different memory sizes, e.g., 32GB and 64GB. The new feature enables setting a higher price on the warranty for the higher priced variants of the phone.

Note that in the current iteration, this is a manual mapping of the Variant’s ID to a price and pricing key. The pricing key can be used by the Pricing Services to apply PriceData to the override.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Deserialization of Product#tags by ModelMapper when retrieving Products from the database

  • Fixed: Index name on CHILD_CATALOG_ID in BLC_CATALOG_REF for Oracle

  • Fixed: Generic of the return type of JpaVariant#getBusinessDomainType to be wildcard (?) instead of Variant to allow extensions to override correctly

  • Fixed: AdvancedTags not being listed as an optional relationship to include when cloning Products in the Admin

Presentation Changes

  • Exposed Product#taxCode in the admin in the Pricing group of the Product entity view.

Upgrade Guide

API Changes

  • ProductTagTagEndpoint#readAllProductTags (GET /tags/{tagId}/products) now takes an optional targetType filter param that can be PRODUCT or VARIANT

    • This enables presenting separate grids in the admin when managing Product, Variant, and AdvancedTag relationships from an AdvancedTags perspective.

  • Added new ProductTagVariantEndpoint (/products/{productId}/variants/{variantId}/tags) to manage Variant tags from a Product’s perspective