Broadleaf Microservices
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Data Driven Enums

Data Model

Data Driven Enum Data Model
Figure 1. Data Driven Enum and Related Entities Data Model

Data Driven Enums

Data driven enums provide a way to manage dynamic enum via the admin. They can be mapped to fields of other domains instead of relying on metadata-based enums, so that enums can be managed dynamically without needing a redeployment.


Field Description


Unique row ID


Logical ID. Allows for sandbox versions.


Identifies the type of the associated value, this is needed to gather all the enum values based on their types.

For example, if this enum type was to be used for a field representing product’s materials, then the type would be "MATERIAL".


The value of the associated type.

For example, the value for type "MATERIAL" could be "COTTON", "LEATHER", "POLYESTER", etc.


The display value for the associated type.

Different from value, the display value is meant to be more user-friendly and for client-facing usages, such as searching and faceting.

For example, the display value for type "MATERIAL" could be "Cotton", "Leather", "Polyester", etc.

Broadleaf Common Data Features

Data Driven Enums are Application Trackable and Sandbox Trackable.