Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Search Services Release Notes for 1.8.12-GA

Table of Contents

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when a leading slash "/" is part of a filter value.

    • Solr treats this as a regular expression instead of a plain string.

    • Example, "uri_s:/hot-sauces/green-ghost" is parsed to "RegexpQuery(uri_s:/hot-sauces/) uri_s:green-ghost".

  • Fixed issue where sorting based on product price ignores product’s sale price

    • For example, product A has a default price of $10 and a sale price of $5 while product B has a default price of $8, product A is sorted higher than product B in descending order even though the true price of product A is lower

    • Added out of box salePrice and bestPrice search fields

    • Moved out of box sorting and faceting configuration from price field to bestPrice field

      • If this sorting and faceting configuration change is not a desired, the move-sort-facet-config-to-best-price liquibase label can be used to exclude these changes via the following property:

              labels: "!move-sort-facet-config-to-best-price"
  • Fixed an issue which returned archived orders and order-fulfillments from Solr. Going forward, archived(deleted) orders and order-fulfillments won’t show up in admin dashboards powered by solr.

  • Made facet rule builder ApplicationTrackable to support application selector when building a ruled facet with categories