Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Search Services Release Notes for 1.8.13-GA

New Features & Notable Changes

  • Improved performance during indexing by adding a strategy to index by language instead of language & country, thus reducing document size.

    • This is now the default strategy for translations during indexing.

    • To take full advantage of these changes, we recommend a full-reindex to rebuild the documents with the language-only translations.

    • Required Configuration

      • Within SearchServices, this requires that the following properties are correctly configured for each of your environments:



      • Within AuthenticationServices, this requires a new auth client, permissions, and scopes. For details, please review Search Tenant auth data.

    • The previous strategy of indexing by language and country is still available, but must be enabled, see SearchCommonTranslationProperties for details.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed TypeAheadConfigurationRepository#readByConfigName not taking Tenant context into account.

    • Overloaded method to take ContextInfo param to allow discriminating TypeAheadConfigurations by Tenant.

  • Fixed issue with resolving filesystem paths on Linux that contain spaces