Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Broadleaf Order Operation Services

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This service provides most of the functionality of Broadleaf as an OMS (Order Management System), such as management of various aspects of orders and their fulfillment workflows. It handles:

  • Generating orders and fulfillments from checkout submission

  • Reading customer order history

  • Managing fulfillments through different statuses

    • Partial updating of fulfillments by splitting

    • Generating new fulfillments after checkout

    • Capturing payment for fulfillments

    • Fulfilling virtual, pick-up, and ship fulfillments

    • Cancelling fulfillments and reversing payments

  • Managing returns

    • Initiating return authorizations

    • Confirming returned items

    • Issuing refunds for applicable returns

This service does not provide persistence facilities, which are deferred to the Order Services through the various providers:

  • FulfillmentProvider

  • OrderProvider

  • ResourceLockProvider

  • ReturnAuthorizationProvider

It does not usually make API calls to any service other than the Order Service (and Authentication Service), however it does interact with other services through messaging as visible below. Communication through API is indicated by a solid arrow, while messaging is a dashed arrow.

Context Diagram for Order Operations Services
Figure 1. Context Diagram describing relationships with other services

See the Order Services for the domain and data models used by Order Operations.