Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Tax Commits, Adjustments, and Refunds

Tax Operation Overview

The order operation service supports tax committing, adjustments, and refunds to third party services (such as Avatax) that support these operations.

This functionality is disabled by default and must be enabled.

Tax Operations

All checkout/post checkout tax operations are event driven and asynchronous.

  • Commit Tax - Commits order tax to tax service provider on checkout completion event. Listens on the orderOperationsOrderCreatedInput channel and handled by the OrderCreatedTaxHandler class.

  • Adjust Tax - Adjusts existing tax transaction in the case of order cancellations. Listens on the orderOperationsFulfillmentCancelledInput channel and handled by the FulfillmentCancelledTaxHandler class.

  • Refund Tax - Submits tax refund transactions to the third party tax service. Listens on the orderOperationsReturnConfirmedInput channel and handled by the FulfillmentRefundTaxHandler class.

Enabling Checkout/Post Checkout Tax Operations

First, a tax provider bean supporting the desired tax operations is required to be defined in the order operations service.

Each tax operation must individually be enabled by setting the following properties to true. All of the following are boolean properties.

Table 1. Tax Operation Properties
Property Purpose

Enables tax transaction commit

Enables tax transaction adjustments

Enables tax transaction refunds