Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for 1.8.1-GA


  • JDK 11 is now required for Broadleaf release trains 1.7.0-GA, and beyond.

New Features & Notable Changes

Feature/Notable Change Related Services

Added extension point for determining tax provider id

Introduced debug logging for checkout completion

CartOperationServices, MicroSecurityCommon

Introduced support for persisting values to order’s internal attributes


Added support for displaying total fees in customer order history and admin order view

OrderClient, AdminWeb, Commerce NextJS Starter

Copy cart item type to order item type during order generation

CartOperationServices, OrderServices, CartClient, OrderClient, Commerce SDK, Commerce NextJS Starter

Added APPLE_PAY payment type to support ApplePay integration with

CartOperationServices,, Commerce SDK, NextJS Starter, OrderOperationServices, Payment Gateway Common, Payment SDK, PaymentTransactionServices

Improve WebClient extensibility and providers error handling

CartOperationServices, OrderOperationServices, PaymentTransactionServices, CustomerServices

Introduced support for payment distribution

OrderClient, OrderServices, AdminWeb

Introduce fulfillment cancellation payment priority to order payments by type, regardless of whether a refund or reverse-authorize needs to be executed.


Introduced the ability to refund AUTHORIZE_AND_CAPTURE transactions when cancelling a fulfillment


Introduced optional durable message sending to Order Operations


Added support for the usage of the adjustment quantity field of line items

CartOperationServices, MicroservicesCommonDependencies, OfferClient, OrderCommon, OrderOperationServices, PromotionServices

Introduced updates to support working with payments that were flagged for manual fraud review & potentially captured via the review process

CartOperationServices,, Commerce SDK, OrderOperationServices, Payment Gateway Common, PaymentTransactionServices

Bug Fixes


Fixed fulfillment costs not included in tax calculation

Fixed calculation of the captured payment amount in FulfillmentCaptureWebhookListener#determineCaptureResultStatus when there are the AUTHORIZE_AND_CAPTURE transactions

Fixed payment priority sorting issue for captures by merging entries with the same keys

Upgrade Guide

  • Refer to Appendix A for more detail on modifying your OrderOperationService configuration to support durable message sending

API Changes

New Endpoints

Path Description

Configuration Properties

Deprecated Properties


    • This property is deprecated since 1.7.6-GA

Changed Properties


    • This property is re-purposed to automatically perform captures under the hood

Added Properties

  • broadleaf.orderoperation.service.payment.cancel-payment-gateway-priorities

    • A list of payment gateway types defining the order by which payments will be refunded and/or reversed for the cancelled fulfillment