Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for Import Consumer

Covers release notes for the Import Consumer common library, discussed here.

Version 1.7.2


  • Set locale and default currency on the ContextInfo used for import operations.

    • These are based on the import’s selected Catalog first, then Application, then falls back onto the system defaults.

  • Set the SystemCurrencyContextHolder with the appropriate currency to use for imports based on the ContextInfo#defaultCurrency.

    • This is reset to whatever it was before the import at the end.

    • This ensures that priceable entities are imported with the correct currency.

Version 1.7.1


  • Update AbstractImportBatchHandler to introduce a new overloaded variant of the persist() method that further breaks down persistence requests into smaller batches of the specified size. Useful for situations where a large list of persistence requests may be submitted at once and need to be broken down.

  • Update AbstractImportBatchHandler to introduce a new failRecordAndDependentsEarly() method allowing subclasses to mark a record and its dependents as failed.

  • Introduce a new ContextUtil utility class with a overrideChangeContainerForChildOfEntity() method to allow dependent entities to override their change container to match a parent.

  • Update ConversionResponse class to have an operationType field, which should allow converters to determine operation type and return it to the caller

  • Update IdResolver and DefaultUlidIdGenerator to have a new nextId() method that simply generates a new value

  • Update RowUtils to define new constants useful for complex column value structures, and also to define new methods for processing input row maps