Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Unified Admin Release Notes for 1.10.7

Important Updates

  • Now supports Node 18. Node 14 has reached end-of-life and we recommend upgrading to Node 18 as soon as possible since Node 16 reaches end of life in September 2023.

    • Upgrading Node is not required to use this update.

  • If building your own images of Admin Starter, it is required to add a new dependency to your project on luxon, which was introduced to address timezone issues in date-pickers.

    • Run yarn add luxon.

Features & Enhancements

  • Access token requests now supply request parameters via form data rather than in the query string.

    This change is equally compatible with older, current, and future versions of AuthenticationServices. Clients are recommended to adopt this update now for forward-compatibility with future AuthenticationServices releases.
  • Added several new components related to new content management foldering feature. See Content Services release notes for more details.

    • ContentItemBrowserView - A new view for browsing content items in the CMS (replaces the old ContentItemBrowseView)

      • The new view supports various sections and folders for browsing content items. We have adopted a convention of using 'ROOT' as the top level of each section and is used by the backend endpoints to retrieve top level items.

    • BaseAction - A helper component for creating the various action components used in the item browser

    • BreadCrumbAction - A new action component for the item browser that displays as a breadcrumb for the current folder / section

      • This includes a new 'BREAD_CRUMB' action placement for the item browser

      • NewFolderAction - A breadcrumb action that allows the user to create a new folder in the current folder

        • A catalog selector is displayed when you try to create a new folder in application view

      • DeleteFolderAction - A breadcrumb action that allows the user to delete the current folder

      • RenameFolderAction - A breadcrumb action that allows the user to rename the current folder

    • ItemBrowserInlineField - A new field component for the item browser that displays the item browser inline in the form

      • MoveItemFieldAction - A field level action used by the item browser to move an item to a new folder

      • ShowInFolderFieldAction - A field level action used by the item browser to show an item in the folder it is currently in

    • ItemBrowserField - A new field component for the item browser that displays the item browser as a tree view used to select the placement of new items or to move existing items

    • New grid actions for the item browser

      • CloneAction - A grid action that allows the user to clone an item

      • MoveAction - A grid action that allows the user to move an item to a new folder

      • ShowInFolderAction - A grid action that allows the user to show an item in the folder it is currently in

      • StarAction - A grid action that allows the user to star an item

  • Added Load More button to Digital Assets at the root folder level that allows the user to load more folders if there is another page that can be fetched

  • Updated List Grids to support using Search Facets on Browse Entity Views.

  • Support Search Settings management and Search Group discrimination in the admin

  • Added Action Group component to allow grouping List Grid actions in a single dropdown rather than showing them inline in the List Grid header.

  • Introduced the ability to define display rules for reference type fields within a Content Item. Requires Content Services 2.0.1 or later.

  • Added support for a large number of facet values and active filters in the product grid.

  • Added sandbox ribbon refresh after a bulk operation is created, and sets the active sandbox to the newly created bulk operation sandbox.

  • Added the ability to display an object as a single value in the Resident Map Field.

  • Added support for entity type parameter in the bulk operation action list grid.

  • Added ability to display a refresh button in Action List Grids when the refreshButton metadata attribute is true.

  • Made the visibility of showInQueryBuilder component dependent on the displayShowInQueryBuilders metadata attribute, which is false by default.

  • Allow usage of the $parent object in the transformRequest function before sending the request. For example:

.createEndpoint(endpoint -> endpoint
   .transformRequest(request -> request.mapping(Mappings.mapValue("$parent.someValue", "someValue"))))
  • Added tracking data as part of conditional checking for rendering column headers and data

Support Catalog Access Policies

  • Products listed in the Catalog section are now separated by restricted catalogs, when catalog access policies are configured.

  • The catalog ribbon is now visible in the "Products" tab when in an application context, listing all catalogs that are targeted by a catalog access policy. Upon selection, administrators will see the list of products belonging to the given restricted catalog.

  • By default, administrators will see a list of products that are not restricted by any catalog access policies.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NPE for Money Columns

  • Fixed bug where sandbox change summaries were not updating when switching between catalogs — change summaries are now polled whenever there are changes to tracking data (catalog & sandbox)

  • Reverted changes done in previous release for TrackingContextProvider, and added fix for Entity Not Found error that would appear when content item update page was refreshed. See more about how TrackingContextProvider works here.

  • Fixed bug where Digital Assets folders are not scrollable when they exceed the screen height

  • Fixed bug where Digital Assets sub-folders Load More button was not functioning—fixed by adding paging context parameter to API request when fetching paginated sub-folders

  • Fixed not being able to disable sorting for individual columns

  • Fixed bug causing display issues with Content Items in the CMS when the associated model defines a field of type Reference with a target of ContentItem and does NOT specify allowedModels.

  • Fixed sorting of content item fields in the CMS to match the order defined in the model.

  • Fixed datepicker render issue by adding necessary react-datepicker CSS file to Admin Starter

  • Fixed bug where apostrophes/single quotes used in a search query were not being escaped properly

  • Fixed bug causing embedded content items to not be published along with their parent content item

  • Fixed bug causing manual date entry into date fields to display an error

    • Additionally, if a date field is inside a modal, the datepicker that shows when clicking into the field now displays on top of and outside the modal so that the user does not need to scroll to see the datepicker in full

  • Introduced Luxon datetime library to fix timezone discrepancy issues with date-picker fields and date-picker related text displays

  • Fixed misplaced dropdown element when adding tags to embedded content

  • Fix bug where the currency displayed for newly-added Fulfillment Flat Rates would not match that of the current context.

  • Implemented fix so that all selected facet filters will be displayed at all times to avoid scenarios that cause unusual states for the facet filters

  • Fixed bug causing Product primary asset preview thumbnail to not update upon primary asset change