Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Upgrade to 1.8.0-GA

January 5, 2023


Microservices release 1.8.0-GA is congruent with:

  • Frontend Libraries

    • AdminWeb 1.9.1

    • CommerceSDK 1.5.1

    • Payment JS SDK 1.2.1

    • Auth SDK 1.5.1

  • Frontend Starters

    • AdminStarter 1.9.1

    • NextJS Starter 1.5.1

New Features & Notable Changes

Feature/Notable Change Impacted Services Links

Introduced Apple Pay integration with

CartOperationServices, OrderOperationServices, PaymentGatewayCommon, PaymentTransactionServices, Integration Module, Commerce SDK, NextJS Starter, Payment SDK

Improved checkout performance and extensibility

CartClient, OrderOperationServices, PaymentTransactionServices, CreditAccountServices

Checkout Performance and Extensibility Improvements in 1.8.1-GA

Improve WebClient extensibility and providers error handling

CartOperationServices, OrderOperationServices, PaymentTransactionServices, CustomerServices

Cleaned up our frontend example COD payment form & fees

CartOperationServices, OrderServices, CartClient, OrderClient, Commerce SDK, NextJS Starter

Introduced CreditAccountServices to support store credit payment

CreditAccountServices, PaymentTransactionServices, CartOperationServices, MicroservicesGateways, MicroservicesDemo, Broadleaf’s StoreCredit Integration Library

Added support for right-to-left languages


Introduced support for account cart approval flows and named cart management

CartServices, CartClient, OrderCommon, OrderClient, OrderServices, OrderOperationServices, PaymentTransactionServices, NotificationServices, MicroservicesDemo, MicroSecurityCommon, NextJS Starter, Commerce SDK, Payment JS SDK

Added cart item, fulfillment item and group adjustments to CheckoutCart

CartServices, CartOperationServices, CartClient

Deprecated the NAMED cart status

Named carts now mean IN_PROCESS carts with a name, and implicit cart means an IN_PROCESS cart with NULL name

CartServices, CartOperationServices, CartClient

Refactor CampaignServices to fold it into OfferServices

OfferServices, CampaignServices

Added campaign tracking id and offer code ref to adjustment

OrderCommon, OfferClient, PromotionServices, CartOperationServices

Bug Fixes

Issue Impacted Services

Fixed condition for SecurityEnhancer bean registration

CartServices, AssetServices, TenantServices, ContentServices, CatalogServices, SandboxServices, ShippingServices, CartOperationServices, CatalogBrowseServices, PaymentTransactionServices

Fixed CheckoutCompletionEvent incorrectly serializes the cart twice


Fixed ModelMapper maintenance of collections that are Hibernate orphan aware

OrderServices, AdminServices, AssetServices, AuthenticationServices, CatalogServices, PricingServices, SandboxServices

Helm Chart Updates

Starting with 1.7, we have begun publishing common base charts to a private helm repository. In order to pull in and use these charts, you will need to authenticate (i.e. helm repo add broadleaf --username $BLC_REGISTRY_USER --password $BLC_REGISTRY_PASSWORD ) using the same credentials that were sent to you (these are the same credentials that allow you to build and run the microservice applications).

See the following for more details: