Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Customizing Broadleaf

Extensibility is a first class concern with the Broadleaf framework. Every controller, service, and entity within the framework can be extended as needed to meet the needs of an implementation. One of the key tenants of working with Broadleaf is that you do NOT change Broadleaf’s core code in order to customize Broadleaf. The framework provides many hooks and extension patterns to support injecting custom business logic and functionality (without the need for recompiling the core framework libraries). Visit the Extensibility Architecture section for more details.

Below you will find tutorials, guides, and sample projects that showcase patterns describing how you customize the backend commerce APIs:

Standard Extension Patterns

To illustrate the most common extension use-cases, we’ve created a project called Microservices Concepts available here:

To take advantage of the Extensibility Patterns outlined in the Microservices Concepts project, you will need to upgrade to the latest broadleaf common library dependencies listed here which can be applied to any installation running Release Train 1.7.3 or above.

For more details getting started with extending Broadleaf see here:

Pre- 1.7.3 Release Train Extension Guides

If you are running a release train prior to 1.7.3 or are unable to upgrade to the latest common library dependencies identified here. The following Extension guides may still apply to you: