Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Sales Rep Setup & Operations Against Quote

User Setup

Out of the box, sales reps are represented and operated the same way as a CSR. To make an admin user a sales rep, the following permissions should be assigned:



  • ALL_PUBLISH_QUOTE - This is an optional permission that grants a sales rep more privileged access against quotes. For example, publish a quote, reject a quote, etc.

Operations Against Quotes

Authentication Redirect URIs

In order for the redirection from quote admin management into the storefront to work properly, the redirect URIs need to be added for the application’s authorized client. For example:

INSERT INTO blc_client_redirect_uris (id, redirect_uri) VALUES ('CLIENT_ID', 'https://heatclinic.localhost:8456/my-account/quotes');

Note: The important part is the /my-account/quotes after the application URL.


For a sales rep to operate against quotes, such as publish, reject, or modify a quote, the sales rep would need to initiate the impersonation session first.

The impersonation flow for sales rep is identical to the normal CSR impersonation, except the sales rep impersonation for quote is impersonating self instead of the customer, by adding an additional parameter to the impersonation request, impersonate_self=true.

After successful self-impersonation, the sales rep can then operate against quotes, such as publish, reject, modify, or override prices within a quote.

See Quote Status Transitions for more details on each quote status in CartOperationService
See Impersonation for more details on AuthenticationService’s impersonation flow

Authentication Redirect URIs