Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for 1.9.0 and Patches

Important Updates

  • Now supports Node 18. Node 14 has reached end-of-life and we recommend upgrading to Node 18 as soon as possible since Node 16 reaches end of life in September 2023.

    • Upgrading Node is not required to use this update.

Features & Enhancements


  • Allow field level restrictions based on user permissions. To restrict a field or group, specify the required security scope using .scope('SCOPE') in metadata.

    • The field or group will be read-only if the user only has READ permissions for the scope.

    • The field or group will be editable otherwise for CREATE, UPDATE, or ALL.

  • Introduced support for multi-architecture builds of the components library

  • Upgraded base node version to 14

  • Added support for right-to-left text flow

    • This is to support languages like Arabic in the admin.

    • Primarily this was a matter of a few CSS changes and updated the dir attribute on the <body> to "rtl".

  • Language Selector and Timezone display have been moved to a settings dropdown menu next to the profile menu dropdown

  • Added component names as class names to most named and common components to make overriding styles easier

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed order summary fields not displaying