Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Upgrade to 1.8.5


Microservices release 1.8.5 is congruent with:

  • Frontend Libraries

    • AdminWeb 1.10.5

    • CommerceSDK 1.5.7

    • Payment JS SDK 1.2.4 (unchanged since last Release Train)

    • Auth SDK 1.5.5

  • Frontend Starters

    • AdminStarter 1.10.5

    • NextJS Starter 1.5.6

    • Open Api 1.8.5

Notable Changes

Content Field Migration

ContentField now has its own schema, BLC_CONTENT_FIELD, instead of being embedded on ContentModel. This requires a migration that copies the embedded fields from the BLC_CONTENT_MODEL table into the new one which is included in the content.postgres.changelog-master.yaml or and will be automatically run like other liquibase changesets. This is a non-destructive migration, meaning the old column on BLC_CONTENT_MODEL is not removed if rollback is required.

See Content Services 1.1.0 release notes for further details on the change.

This migration should be seamless upon upgrading. However, if users do not want to incorporate it, they can override their Content Services version in their parent POM.xml to use version 1.0.11-GA instead.

Include in <dependencyManagement> before the release train declaration to avoid migration

    <!-- Any explicit override should appear first BEFORE the release train -->
    <!-- Followed by normal release train declaration -->