Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for 1.8.0 and Patches

Features & Enhancements


  • Added support for read-only field conditionals through metadata.


  • Displayed the estimated fulfillment total to refund for returns.


  • None.


  • Added out-of-box support for configuring Content Security Policy headers, see Unified Admin Security.

  • Added out-of-box support for configuring Permissions and Features Policy headers, See Unified Admin Security.

  • Ability for Rule Builder collection fields to detect if their target is also a collection. When the target field is a collection, then "is in" matches "containsAny" while "is a subset of" matches "contains".

  • Displayed a ToggleSwitch component for integer fields where 0 or another value indicates unlimited, such as Offer max uses. The toggle allows switching between 'unlimited' and 'limited' so that only in the latter case does the use need to fill in a number.

  • Made ChangesetAwareRow and ChangesetAwareRowHeader overridable and gave them specific class names for easier style overrides.

    • ChangesetAwareRow: changeset-aware-row.

    • ChangesetAwareRowHeader: changeset-aware-row-header.

  • Added form-group class to add spacing between elements of the ActionListGrid.

  • Added the ability to show an additional translatable label field for custom attributes.

      classifier: 'Field',
      label: 'Attributes',
      name: 'attributes',
      attributes: {
        isComplexAttributes: true,
        hasNameLabel: true // <-- corresponds to a `nameLabel` field
  • Added Content Model and Item management components.

  • Allowed for the App URL to have parameters for sandbox preview functionality.




  • We’ve enabled the preserveModules option for our rollup configuration so that the AdminWeb components library is bundled with the same directory structure as the source code to make it easier to import default components and hooks into new or extended components. This should be more straightforward than having to look through the single es.js file to see what is exported, just append @broadleaf/admin-components/dist to the front of the import. No changes are required by clients as this is entirely backwards compatible.


  • Updated node-sass version to support node 16


  • Introduced support for multi-architecture builds of the components library

  • Upgraded base node version to 14


  • Added 'none' type for derived fields so no transformation occurs.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Query Builder not allowing multiple rules.

  • Fixed: Application dropdown displaying under navigation fade.

  • Fixed: Form state not updating after trigger action is invoked.

  • Fixed: Environment variable resolution since moving to Vite.

  • Fixed: Left navigation does not update when route changes.

  • Fixed: Marketplace shared inventory locations are not mutable for vendors.

  • Fixed: DynamicField’s clearValueOnMatch is matched in update forms even if no field is changed causing fields to clear.

  • Fixed: OMS confirming returned items quantity field non-responsive.

  • Fixed: Display $0.00 when amount is undefined.

  • Fixed: Asset picker’s z-index value.

  • Fixed: Empty values being submitted as translations.


  • Fixed: Currency mismatch exception when creating a Return Confirmation.

  • Fixed: Validation of file input to only validate after change occurs.

  • Fixed: Display of asset browser icons over modals.

  • Fixed: Display of assets that are wider than they are tall getting squished.

  • Fixed: Min width of asset dropzone field being too small to correctly show header.

  • Fixed: Partial Return Confirmation quantity and estimated total not considering prior pending and completed Return Confirmation.


  • Fixed: Import action on ResidentGrid components. Previously no import would occur.

  • Fixed: Incorrect change container tracking details for price data import, causing changes to not be presented as sandbox changes. Now correctly accessing missing contextRequest fields when creating import requests.


  • Fixed: Some stylesheets not being included in the components library bundle.

  • Fixed: Bug causing duplicate translations to appear with product options.

  • Fixed: DateColumn display to include correct timezone instead of always UTC.

  • Fixed: Some CSS color classes from being purged by the CSS post-processor.

  • Fixed: Error message display on BasicGroups so that it look like an error not plain text. It will also appear in a tooltip.

  • Fixed: ToggleSwitch validation not triggering on value change.

  • Fixed: IconButton z-index causing clipping in places.

  • Fixed: Asset dropzone action z-index so it doesn’t overlap modal.


  • Fixed: Missing support for translating non-sandboxable entities.

  • Fixed: Styling of some rule-builders.

  • Fixed: New groups added with metadata augmentation not being visible.




  • Fixed rendering of semi-complex rule structures


  • Fixed order summary fields not displaying




  • Fixed issues with setting derived default values for Booleans