Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Production Considerations

Production Properties

In a pre-production or production environment, you will want to enable certain properties specific for these higher level environments and disable those that are meant purely for development.

Review this section to validate and verify your production properties and configurations


Broadleaf Commerce scales horizontally with microservices and is ideal for cloud-based environments, especially those leveraging Kubernetes. In addition, Broadleaf’s Flex Package technology has been proven to enable the deployment of a large microservice architecture that can fit into any budget. The Scalability section outlines general guidance around where to start with your particular implementation.

Camel Cluster Service

Several parts of the Broadleaf ecosystem utilizes a Cluster Singleton Pattern to ensure that certain functionality is performed in an exclusive manner. In order to do this, Broadleaf uses Apache’s CamelClusterService which includes many backing implementations out-of-box. Learn how to configure the appropriate backing implementation for Non-Local environments when deploying to a Kubernetes cluster in the cloud.

Enabling Caching

The Caching guide shows you how to enable the out-of-box Ignite caching mechanisms, how to identify & override each service’s relevant cache instances, & describes how enabling these caches will affect the memory footprint of your deployment. This guide also communicates how you would go about replacing the out-of-the-box Apache Ignite support with a different Spring Cache compatible cache implementation.

Security Configuration

Depending on the project structure you are working with, you may need to look at updating default keys, credentials, and sensitive properties prior to going into production.

View the Security Configuration section to understand the different security components that should be considered for your particular implementation.

Workflow Transition Performance

Imports often involve many records being placed into a sandbox. The process of establishing the initial sandbox state for these records, as well as subsequent promotion/deployment can be perceived as a performance bottleneck based on number of records. Configuring the system appropriately to maximize throughput is an important consideration for this flow.

View the Workflow Transition Performance section to understand considerations for your particular implementation.