Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod


Considerations for Infrastructure, DevOps, & SRE Teams

Having built a tailored solution using Broadleaf’s commerce capabilities, you may be wondering what it takes to deploy and use it in a cloud or production environment. Just like with all aspects of Broadleaf, we wanted to provide as much flexibility here as possible. Whether you’re looking to deploy this into your own data center, looking to deploy to a public cloud, or are looking for full assistance deploying to a fully managed cloud infrastructure, Broadleaf provides a lot of options and tools to support you in these areas depending on your end goals.

On-Premise or Cloud?

Broadleaf runs on open source technologies and containers and as such can be run in most cloud infrastructures. Broadleaf can also be run in private data centers for customers that require more control of the infrastructure.

Broadleaf is built to be cloud-agnostic and has been deployed to a variety of clouds such as AWS, Azure, Alibaba, and Google Cloud.