Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Unified Admin Release Notes for 1.9.1

Important Updates

  • Now supports Node 18. Node 14 has reached end-of-life and we recommend upgrading to Node 18 as soon as possible since Node 16 reaches end of life in September 2023.

    • Upgrading Node is not required to use this update.

Features & Enhancements

  • Added fees total to admin order summary view

  • Enabled filtering catalog and sandbox selector results via backend

    • The CatalogSelector in the CatalogRibbon is now just like the SandboxSelector to allow more user-friendly display and filtering of options

  • Added additional locale labels for dropdowns

  • Added Rule column type for list grids to handle RuleBuilder fields

  • Added RSQL column type

  • Made modal error more visible

  • Added translation provider for Content Item Field Data

  • Made list grids scrollable

  • Added payment distribution details to the OMS order screens

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where import request page breaks if selected import file is removed

  • Fixed resident list grid not detecting row deletion dirty state

  • Fixed issue where types were in the root dist/

    • Root dist/ isn’t part of the actual source we distribute, it needed to be in the sub modules that we publish

  • Fixed "add filter" button not displayed on empty query builder

  • Fixed issues with asset dropzone validation

    • Fixed error handling when a file dragged onto the asset dropzone is of the wrong mime type

    • Fixed asset browser not passing dropzone props to specify the accept value

  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor not allowing editing after applying styles

  • Fixed augmentation validation section

    • Previously, the "Footer" section of a FieldArrayGroup would only show if the group is not empty, which causes the add button to not show for new items

  • Fixed default values triggering dirty state on category form

  • Fixed asset grid pagination not working

  • Fixed issue where you can get "stuck" in translations mode when navigating away from an entity’s context

    • Now, translation-mode will automatically disable when leaving an entity’s context, e.g., going from Product Browse to Product Update will not exit translation mode, but going from a Product screen to a Price List screen will