Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Upgrade to 1.7.1-GA

March 1, 2022


  • JDK 11 is now required for Broadleaf release trains 1.7.0-GA, and beyond.

New Features & Notable Changes

  • CartOperationServices:

    • Added Cart’s PaymentSummaries to the CheckoutCompletionEvent.

    • Add validation for free-gift items to not allow quantity to be modified by customers.

    • Added fields to FulfillmentGroup for fulfillmentAdjustmentsTotal and proratedFulfillmentAdjustments. The latter is used in the case when there are a fulfillment-level charge and adjustment. By default, the adjustment will be prorated between the fulfillment-level charge and the item-level charges for accounting purposes.

    • Added field to FulfillmentItem for fulfillmentPriceBeforeAdjustments—see previous for purpose.

  • PaymentTransactionServices: Refined JpaPayment & JpaPaymentTransaction database indexes.

  • AuthenticationServices: Encrypted fields in the Auth service now use AES/GCM/NoPadding encryption.

  • Admin: Added display of estimated fulfillment total to refund for Return Authorizations.

Bug Fixes

  • PaymentTransactionServices: Add transaction status and management state filters when looking for parent transactions to avoid identifying failed transactions.

  • blc-amazonpaymentservices: Replace String.valueOf with Objects.toString to prevent "null" be persisted in the database records instead of NULL.

  • CartOperationServices:

    • Fixed fulfillment offer calculation. The fulfillment item price before adjustments needs to be multiplied by the quantity, otherwise, it will only be discounted like the item has quantity 1 even if it is higher.

    • Fixed Variant Add-On pricing override being incorrectly mapped to other cart items after add-to-cart of similar item. Whenever a variant was added to the cart that used the variant addon pricing, it would override the pricing of all other addons of the same product that were in the cart.

  • OrderOperationServices:

    • Fixed an issue when the full fulfilment charge was refunded even if fulfillment-level adjustment is applied

  • NextJS Starter:

    • Reintroduced usages of displayAttributes and added spaces around the delimiter used in autogenerated payment names to separate cc type and cc number in case it is displayed as is without parsing.

    • Also generated fake payment token for pass-through saved payments to emulate what a real gateway would do.

    • Removed currency selector in header to avoid currency mismatch issues. Currency is effectively tied to locale.

    • Disable ability to change cart item quantity for free-gift items as it should only be changed by the internal system.

  • Admin

    • Fixed validation of file input field to only validate after change occurs.

    • Fixed display of asset browser icons over modal by decreasing its z-index.

    • Fixed display of assets that are wider than they are tall getting squished.

    • Fixed min width of asset dropzone field being too small to correctly show header.

    • Fixed not passing currency unit when setting a refund override amount for a Return Authorization.

    • Fixed quantity and amount when partially confirming a Return Authorization. Now considers pending and completed confirmations.

    • Fixed displaying estimated-total-to-refund as the total actually refunded. Instead, will only show the total confirmed.

Helm Chart Updates

Starting with 1.7, we have begun publishing common base charts to a private helm repository. In order to pull in and use these charts, you will need to authenticate (i.e. helm repo add broadleaf --username $BLC_REGISTRY_USER --password $BLC_REGISTRY_PASSWORD ) using the same credentials that were sent to you (these are the same credentials that allow you to build and run the microservice applications).

See the following for more details: