Broadleaf Microservices
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Order Common Library

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OrderCommon is a shared library which provides a single source for order-related domain to support both Cart Services and Order Services.


These are the key domains defined in Order Common. Their usages are described where applicable within Cart Services and Order Services.

  • Address

  • Adjustment

  • AttributeChoiceValue

  • CampaignRef

  • CustomerRef

  • FulfillmentOption

  • OfferItemDetail

  • OfferRef

  • OverrideDetail

  • Phone

  • PricedFulfillmentOption

  • Voucher

Some of these are stored in data schemas within Cart Services and Order Services as JSON:

Order Common Data Model


See the JavaDocs for more detail.

  • DefaultAddressTypes - Represent the types addresses that can be related to a payment



  • DefaultAlternateAdjustmentSource - The alternate adjustment source names

    • BUNDLE_ITEM_ADJUSTMENT - This value indicates that the adjustment was added by the price proration of the bundle price to its items

  • DefaultOfferProrationType - The types of offer discount proration. This determines how an offer’s discount should be distributed for refund, whether just "targets" or also "qualifiers"

    • TARGET_ONLY - The discount is only prorated/distributed to the targeted items of the offer.

    • TARGET_AND_QUALIFIER - The discount for an offer is distributed across targeted and qualifying items.

  • DefaultOverrideTypes - The types of overrides a CSR might perform on a cart

    • CART_ITEM_PRICE_OVERRIDE - CSR overrides the unit price of a cart item

    • FULFILLMENT_PRICE_OVERRIDE - CSR overrides the total fulfillment price on a fulfillment group

  • FulfillmentType - Specifies different ways items could be fulfilled

    • SHIP - Items will be physically shipped

    • PICKUP - Items will be physically picked up

    • VIRTUAL - Items will be sent virtually, not physically