Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Data Translations

Broadleaf provides generic libraries and facilities for managing translated data. Several of the out of box services have support for translating data.

Enabling Translations in a Service

To enable translations in a service requires several steps.

  1. Setup data routing

  2. Add APIs for managing translations

  3. Setup meta-data so the admin application allows translation for the relevant fields.

Steps 1 and 2 are documented in the Translation Data Routing article.

Steps 3 is documented in the Admin Translation Features article.

Translation Data Model

Services that support data field translations will utilize the BLC_TRANSLATION table.

Translation Data Model

Translation Table (BLC_TRANSLATION)

Field details

Field Description


Unique Id for the field translation


Logical id of the field translation to support sandbox versions


A Java compatible locale code - for example, en or en_US


Type of entity being translated - for example PRODUCT, CATEGORY, OFFER


A soft-ref to the context-id of the associated entity


The field to be translated on the related entity


The translated value for the field

Translations can be used with data tracking features which allow for context specific values related to approval work flows and overrides based on catalogs, applications, and sandboxes.