Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Admin Release Notes

Upgrading Guidance

Consider adding the following script to your AdminStarter project to make upgrading AdminWeb dependencies easier:




echo "Upgrading Admin versions to $1..."

yarn add @broadleaf/admin-components@$1 @broadleaf/admin-style@$1 --exact
yarn add -D @broadleaf/admin-tailwindcss@$1 --exact

echo "\n${GREEN}Finished${NC}"

And then add this to the scripts in your package.json

  "scripts": {
    "upgrade:admin": "./"

Then you can upgrade to the latest version of each module using this from the command line:

# for latest 1.10 patch of each module, admin-components, admin-style, and admin-tailwindcss
yarn upgrade:admin latest-1.10
Not every module has changes for each release, so @broadleaf/admin-components might increment its version but @broadleaf/admin-style and @broadleaf/admin-tailwindcss might not change.