Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Avalara Tax Module

Avalara Tax Usage

Include the BLC Avalara dependency:


Define the following properties:

  1. (Optional) - The application name passed to AvaTax. Defaults to "Broadleaf Commerce"

  2. (Optional) - The application version. Defaults to "app-version-not-set"

  3. (Optional) - The machine name. Defaults to "machine-name-not-set"

  4. (Required) - The AvaTax environment. Accepted values are 'Sandbox' or 'Production'. Ignores case.

  5. (Required) - The AvaTax username.

  6. (Required) - The AvaTax password.

Instantiate an instance of AvalaraTaxProvider:

public TaxProvider<TaxRequest, TaxResponse> avaTaxProvider(AvaTaxProperties avaTaxProperties,
            TypeFactory typeFactory,
            ObjectMapper objectMapper) {
    return new AvalaraTaxProvider<>(avaTaxProperties, typeFactory, objectMapper);

Note: Tax commits, adjustments, voids, and refunds are disabled by default. To enable Avatax’s ability to commit, adjust, refund, and void transaction capabilities, see the order operations docs on post checkout tax operations.