Broadleaf Microservices
  • v1.0.0-latest-prod

Release Notes for DataTracking

Version 1.7.11

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where marketplace catalog narrowing criteria in JpaNarrowExecutor would include data from offline vendor catalogs and vendor catalogs from other marketplaces

  • Fix bug where direct-production (non-sandboxed) requests to create marketplace overrides of vendor catalog data would directly mutate the original record instead of creating an override record in the application’s implicit vendor catalog. This was caused by ContextRequestHydrator not replacing the vendor catalog in the request with the implicit vendor catalog for the application.

  • Fix bug where a marketplace application user that did not have tenant-level access always saw items inherited from vendor catalogs as immutable, and thus could not create application overrides for them. This was caused by DefaultTrackablePolicyUtils not searching for implicit catalogs for vendor catalogs during catalog mutability checks.

Version 1.7.10

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure Hibernate does not try to autoflush during the intermediate query, which can cause a detached object exception

Version 1.7.9

Features/Notable Changes

  • Enhance ByteBuddy instrumentation for ModelMapper cache creation to occur earlier than any other ByteBuddy interaction

  • Deprecated ModelMapperCacheGenerationConfiguration

    • No longer used, as ModelMapperCacheEnvironmentPostProcessor takes over duties during post environment processing

Version 1.7.8

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible NullPointerException when using with ProjectionReferredTypeOverride

  • Adjusted ModelMapper usage to leverage the JpaMapperUtils helper functionality, which fixes a case where mapping was not occurring correctly in the presence of a pre-generated ModelMapper cache

Version 1.7.7

Features/Notable Changes

  • Introduced streamlined development and extension experience. Checkout the Microservices Extensibility Concepts project

    • Shortened auto projection name to avoid database column overflow

    • Made auto projection alias more user readable

    • Added support for a JpaTrackableRepository delegate that is easy to create and easy extension of the base trackable contract via composition

    • Added support for setting up basic tracking when ContextInfo is null

    • Added support for @ProjectionPostConvert annotated methods that provide hooks for post mapping activity. This is especially useful for odd mapping tasks like setting bi-directional references to the parent entity for a OneToMany collection member

    • Added support for handling pre and post converters during auto mapping, making sure that previously declared converters are included

    • Made sure all the explicit mappings from the parent are included

    • Added a utility to handle inheritance and registration of parent pre and post converters, including optional overrides

    • Added support for automatically registering type maps for deeply nested extension. Allows ModelMapper to support arbitrary domain extension regardless of where they exist in the object graph

  • Introduced support for ModelMapper cache as maven compile lifecycle step

  • Reduced new domain configuration complexity

    • Streamlined use of @EnableJpaTrackableFlow

    • Inferred JpaEntityScanBean from the entityClass param

    • Inferred permissionRoots and rootPath based on the entityClass simpleName, unless explicitly specified

  • Tuned ProjectionPostConvert method processing performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ModelMapper maintenance of collections that are Hibernate orphan aware

Version 1.7.6

Features/Notable Changes

  • Simplified introduction of Spring Data interfaces for extension

Version 1.7.5

Features/Notable Changes

Enhanced notify integration during mutation of trackable entities:

  • Support explicit sending of a cache invalidation message.

  • Support region cache invalidation event.

  • Include event hooks for cache invalidation in the sandbox transition flow.